Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Veil of Time


Time is the perception of space, 
Measuring speed crossing distance.
 Without the perception of space, 
 Time could not exist. 
 Crossing between old and new, 
 Traveling between right and left, 
 Yet if in physics there is no size, 
 Then travel occurs in thought. 

 Thought creates the boundaries, 
 Between the lines of time. 
 For thought would fall apart, 
 In seeing all states present at once.
 Human eyes cannot see, 
 What is not first seen in the mind..
 Yet all that was and will be, 
 Was first conceived in thought. 

 All things created were thought of, 
 And thought is where all things are born.
 All of reality is Creation.
 Which could not exist without the Creator.
 Our breath holds balance against the vacuum, 
 As we rocket through space against the stars. 
 Our universe of pictures creates thought, 
 While thoughts manifest in pictures. 

 Retreating to the world of thought, 
 There is no acknowledgment of time. 
 When a day of joy passes in minutes, 
 And moments of terror last forever. 
 The heart stands immune to time, 
 Through the unbound strength of love. 
 Within that eternal realm, 
 Hearts in heaven and in Earth are one. 

 Life turns the pages of time, 
 Making illusion seem real through change. 
 Yet as change measures time in our thoughts, 
 The things that are true stay the same.
 Separation through space is illusion, 
 If in physics size does not exist. 
 In this way space, time and thought, 
 Are held as one in the hand of God. 

Friday, January 5, 2018


 What is seen comes from the unseen, 
 In the birth of a star from darkness,
 And the birth of a child from love, 
 Yet energy cannot be created, 
 Simply there are changes in form, 
 As it does find its way home, 
 Coming from God above. 

  The solid ground which is beneath us, 
 Which grants illusion of confidence, 
 Is made of atoms as thin as the air, 
 Yet the energy which holds up our feet, 
 Creates a balance of states, 
 Holding us in place, 
 With everything on Earth to bear. 

 Yet ever more powerful, 
 And mysterious all the same, 
 Is the energy flow between souls, 
 With forces measured by faith, 
 Through time love stands the test, 
 Unbound by life or death, 
 It is the only force keeping us whole. 

 Energy will enhane energy,
  In physics as well as life, 
 For a smile turns a spark into a flame, 
 And a word of strength one shared, 
 Is cherished by the heart, 
 Glifts of time we may impart, 
 Which never leave a soul the same. 

 Strings of energy spam the universe, 
 Without giving regard to time, 
 Such is the energy between hearts, 
 If one life inspires another, 
 The other gives several soul hope,
One of those conveys hope to the world, 
 And you are where this all got its start. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Beyond Time and Distance

 Our power to resolve is limited, 
 The smaller an object is, 
 More power is needed to see it, 
 The more we use such power, 
 The easier the object is destroyed,
 Opening a truth to physical reality, 
 There are no limits too small and large, 
 Thus there is no such thing as size, 
 And if there is no such thing as size, 
 There is no such thing as distance. 

 Within our physical illusion, 
 Time is needed to cross distance, 
 Yet if distance is not real, 
 Our illusion is one of change, 
 Yet in our world of changing, 
 We except that God is everywhere, 
 Yet perhaps in all his power, 
 He has traveled everywhere at once, 
 But within our limited strength, 
 We have been to many places, 
 So if we remove the factor of time, 
 We are seen in many places at once. 

 In this we visit the spiritual, 
 Perfected passed our physical weakness, 
 When we touch the face of God, 
 Upon leaving the bounds of earth, 
 Travel would be a thought, 
 Without lumbering our physical bodies, 
 Unbound by times constraint, 
 In the unlimited power of love. 

 In this we see the truth, 
 Though trapped by our own senses,
 In this our three dimensions, 
 Unable to see the parallels, 
 Where God’s heart sings in love, 
 Where life and death are meaningless, 
 And love has bound all souls, 
 Where there are no boundaries, 
 To imagination or love, 
 And in the song of life, 
 Impossibility fades away. U

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


People ask where God is when these things happen.
The answer is within us waiting on our freedom of will.
Darkness is opportunity for live to shine.
What will you choose to do?

They said it was coming,
The indescribable dark,
A howling tempest,
To leave its mark,
The monster expected,
But what would it be?
Are we do fight it,
Or do we just flee?

The island of beauty,
With water surrounded,
The seas have been rising,
Our souls are impounded,
A prison of water,
To come in the night,
It is the unseen,
Which causes great fright.

The last people left,
We were left behind,
Our families to safety,
We seek what to find,
Strong ropes to bind us,
To swaying palm trees,
The tide come to take us,
Is well past our knees.

The shelters are shattered,
By force of the wind,
Men tied to the trees,
Holding fast till the end,
Sand sparking in the gale,
As the winds build up higher,
The air lighting all around us,
Has become electric fire.

Now the water builds up,
Covering the mainland shore,
Not one thing appearing,
Appears as before,
On the street below us,
A homeless man roams,
But the wave tops fly inland,
Turning the air into foam.

In a place past the eye wall,
Some rush out to repair,
The silence smothering,
The birds of the air.
Wind returning full force,
Blindsiding from the wall,
And with debris taking flight,
My comrade’s life falls.

In the wake of afterwards,
People walk like in a dream,
Too tired to cry,
Too worn out to scream.
Water logged walls,
Left by roofless homes,
Not knowing where to begin,
For help they do roam.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


 A moment is captured, 
 In the eye of the heart, 
 For when moments pass, 
 Barriers arise, 
 Invisible to the eyes, 
 The moment disappears, 
 In between then and now. 

 Time energy travels,
 Both in particles and waves, 
 As each wave crests,
 Moments are lost in the troughs,
 Time particles piercing through, 
 Those moments display in memories, 
 They live forever in  each heart. 

We pierce through this veil,
 As a bird pierces through the water, 
Pulling forth each catch,
As we pull moments from time,
Glimpsing each moment's snapshot,
 The way God sees all of time clearly, 
 For He is immune to change. 

 Change defines who we are, 
 Yet reality would destroy our minds, 
 Without time's separation of moments, 
 Upon this staging ground of Earth,
 Where we can set good things in motion, 
 Which can add to the beauty of Heaven,
 While we find meaning in who we are. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

How We Think

 The complexity of the mind, 
 He's a wonder beyond compare. 
 Energies upon energy, 
Enfolded in beauty,
 Enshrined within a temple, 
 Our window to everywhere. 

 A physical organ,
 Hiding behind each face,
 Though all things physical, 
 Particles bound by touch of light, 
 Holding hands across the void, 
 Are mostly empty space. 

 These particles each have spin, 
 Right or left determine charge, 
 Charges building impulses, 
 In order and in beauty, 
 Sending control through the spine, 
 Chosen actions yours and mine. 

 Yet there is so much more, 
 There is the mind we cannot see. 
 There is a soul outside of dimensions, 
 For there is nothing to measure here, 
 Held between the heart and the mind, 
 It is all that is truly dear. 

 Eternal energy bound within energies, 
 Attuned to the spirit winds,
 Born within the heart of God, 
 For nothing else could make such things,
 Yet things have a common fate of ending, 
 Whereas our souls only begin. 

 With all these energies within us, 
 We sell amidst a sea of thought, 
 Connected with a universe of souls, 
 Bonded with a kiss to the heart of God, 
 Thoughts of love flow to the Song of Life,
 Energy from our hearts unto the whole.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Distance is the time,
It takes to traverse space,
Yet time is an invention,
Created to measure change,
Velocity is required,
To change place in space,
Yet position and velocity,
Won't measure at the same time.

Yet distance implies size,
Which does not exist in physics,
Though we can only see,
What we can resolve,
Yet it takes energy to see,
Which is the same as matter,
Which Einstein understood,
In his most famous equation.of all.

So what is the matter,
If matter is the same as energy,
As energy adds weight,
To all things with mass?
It is that all things are particles,
Made of energy rotating in strings,
Connected at each end,
To yet other strings of energy.

So as all things are formed,
Of energy in structure,
With energy between them,
In what is seen as empty space,
Then there can be no real distance,
As there is always real connection,
It is if as all things,
Are always face to face.

This is why two hearts together,
Never can be separated,
Even when they are standing,
On continents apart,
For the energy connecting,
Every one of us and God,
Is exactly the reason why,
I can feel your heart.