Thursday, August 3, 2017


 A moment is captured, 
 In the eye of the heart, 
 For when moments pass, 
 Barriers arise, 
 Invisible to the eyes, 
 The moment disappears, 
 In between then and now. 

 Time energy travels,
 Both in particles and waves, 
 As each wave crests,
 Moments are lost in the troughs,
 Time particles piercing through, 
 Those moments display in memories, 
 They live forever in  each heart. 

We pierce through this veil,
 As a bird pierces through the water, 
Pulling forth each catch,
As we pull moments from time,
Glimpsing each moment's snapshot,
 The way God sees all of time clearly, 
 For He is immune to change. 

 Change defines who we are, 
 Yet reality would destroy our minds, 
 Without time's separation of moments, 
 Upon this staging ground of Earth,
 Where we can set good things in motion, 
 Which can add to the beauty of Heaven,
 While we find meaning in who we are. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

How We Think

 The complexity of the mind, 
 He's a wonder beyond compare. 
 Energies upon energy, 
Enfolded in beauty,
 Enshrined within a temple, 
 Our window to everywhere. 

 A physical organ,
 Hiding behind each face,
 Though all things physical, 
 Particles bound by touch of light, 
 Holding hands across the void, 
 Are mostly empty space. 

 These particles each have spin, 
 Right or left determine charge, 
 Charges building impulses, 
 In order and in beauty, 
 Sending control through the spine, 
 Chosen actions yours and mine. 

 Yet there is so much more, 
 There is the mind we cannot see. 
 There is a soul outside of dimensions, 
 For there is nothing to measure here, 
 Held between the heart and the mind, 
 It is all that is truly dear. 

 Eternal energy bound within energies, 
 Attuned to the spirit winds,
 Born within the heart of God, 
 For nothing else could make such things,
 Yet things have a common fate of ending, 
 Whereas our souls only begin. 

 With all these energies within us, 
 We sell amidst a sea of thought, 
 Connected with a universe of souls, 
 Bonded with a kiss to the heart of God, 
 Thoughts of love flow to the Song of Life,
 Energy from our hearts unto the whole.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Distance is the time,
It takes to traverse space,
Yet time is an invention,
Created to measure change,
Velocity is required,
To change place in space,
Yet position and velocity,
Won't measure at the same time.

Yet distance implies size,
Which does not exist in physics,
Though we can only see,
What we can resolve,
Yet it takes energy to see,
Which is the same as matter,
Which Einstein understood,
In his most famous equation.of all.

So what is the matter,
If matter is the same as energy,
As energy adds weight,
To all things with mass?
It is that all things are particles,
Made of energy rotating in strings,
Connected at each end,
To yet other strings of energy.

So as all things are formed,
Of energy in structure,
With energy between them,
In what is seen as empty space,
Then there can be no real distance,
As there is always real connection,
It is if as all things,
Are always face to face.

This is why two hearts together,
Never can be separated,
Even when they are standing,
On continents apart,
For the energy connecting,
Every one of us and God,
Is exactly the reason why,
I can feel your heart.

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Potter's Hands

 In speaking with others, 
 Trapped in the day, 
 We cannot understand, 
 Coming back from tomorrow, 
 We cannot perceive, 
 Looking forward to the past,
 Within the lineage of moments, 
 Waiting all day for tomorrow, 
 Imagination lies trapped and stifled,
 Inside a fragment of possibility. 

 We are given free will to pray, 
 To God who is outside of time, 
 Not trapped within pages of the story, 
 Having to turn one by one, 
 God sees each spread before him, 
 Laid out upon the table, 
 Not limited in his focus, 
 Seeing decisions before they happen, 
 Knowing our joy before we feel it, 
 With patience God waits for us. 

 We ask in painful voices, 
 For things God already knows, 
  For needs God has already met, 
 We just have not seen the answer, 
 Trapped on the slow path in time, 
 Trying to catch up to the moment, 
 Where the answer finally comes clear, 
 Then we see the power of love, 
 Changing reality just like clay,
 Being shaped in the potter's hands. 

 And now comes the hidden truth, 
 For this love is a power God gave, 
 Even though we have weak hands,
 The heart never can fail,
 As we act in each others lives, 
 Making change that shakes the earth, 
 Spreading like fire between souls, 
 Which I see burning in your eyes, 
 Which is why nothing seems impossible, 
 When I see life through the heart. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Light of Death

 Imagine a light, 
 Which feeds the darkness, 
 Imagine a light, 
 From the crushing of life, 
 Within a dark star,
 Where physics is lost, 
 With gravity so great, 
 Nothing can escape, 
 With gravity so great, 
 Nothing survives.  

 There is a place, 
 Where reality ends,
 There is a place, 
 Time slows to a stop, 
 When matter comes in, 
 Dark energy leaves, 
 Through space and time, 
 Radiating out, 
Eating through time,
Winding down.

 This energy of entropy,
 Is it the reason for time?
 This energy of entropy,
 Is it the cause of change?
 Trees rising and falling,
 Lives beginning and ending,
 Where souls take shape,
 Standing on the edge of forever,
 Where  souls take shape,
 Upon this temporal stage.

 There is a great force,
 Countering energy of change,
 There is a force,
 Against which nothing can stand,
 For the meaning of love,
 Is letting go of fear,
 It is the beginning of creation,
 From which reality flows,
  It is the beginning of creation,
 Overcoming death itself.

 Love is true light,
 Only coming from the heart,
 Love is true life,
 Only seen from the heart,
 Bending the laws of physics,
 Changing the rules of time,
 Life becomes renewed,
 From the force that never falters,
 Life becomes renewed,
 Outshining the light of death.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Perception Filter

Are the things we see, 
 What we wish to see, 
 Or are they really there? 
 The sun traverses the sky, 
 Or is it the Earth spinning? 
 Are solid objects solid?
 Or is reality grinning? 
 Are your walls standing still, 
Traveling thousands of miles an hour?
 They are appearing still, 
 As you are traveling with them, 
 Through time and space, 
 In our solar system, 
 And yet that system travels faster still, 
 Around the center of the galaxy, 
 A beautiful thrill. 

 What appears a dull gray rock, 
 Is indeed a sparkling dance, 
 Energy holding hands, 
 Twirling in the space of matter, 
 The air around us, 
 Always full of charge, 
 With many answers coming, 
 The mystery remains at large, 
 Yet physics is just a reflection, 
 Of the complexities of life, 
 While circumstances are nearing, 
 The heart is always endearing,
 Remaining faithful to God above, 
 Our source of enduring love, 
 When all of life seems a kilter, 
  Truth burns through perception's filter. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Absolute Zero

 Within the absence, 
 We are embraced by darkness, 
Within the absence,
  We are held by the cold, 
 On an island of life, 
 Surrounded by asphyxiation, 
 Where the darkness begins, 
 Heartbeats end. 

 Within the energy, 
 We are embraced by light,
 Within the energy, 
 We are held in warmth, 
 Transference of light, 
 From the radiation of heat, 
 And there is nothing hotter, 
 Then the fire of the heart. 

 Within the sorrow, 
 We are embraced by loss,
 Within the sorrow, 
 All hope departs,
 Illusions become addictive, 
 In the spiraling down, 
 As the soul tries to think, 
 There is no reason to fight. 

 Within the mind, 
 We are embraced by wisdom,
 Within the mind, 
 We are held by truths, 
 In indomitable darkness, 
 There is still warmth,
 Then we cannot feel it, 
 There is still light, 
 Though it be too dim to see. 

 Within the universe, 
We are embraced by change,
 Within the universe, 
 We are held in confusion, 
 There are no constants,
 Except for God, 
 Even at absolute zero, 
 Energy thrives. 

 Within each particle, 
Embraced by zero point energy, 
 Within each particle, 
 There is viberation of life,
 The quantum fluctuation, 
 Between position and velocity, 
 Fills each point in space, 
 With the energy of mass. 

 Within each circumstance, 
Embraced by hopelessness,
 Within each circumstance, 
 We are held in the truth of love, 
 The moment never is final, 
 There is nothing conclusive, 
 For wherever there is life, 
 There is only love.